Sweet Almond Oil for Skin – Lightening & Benefits

Using Almond Oil for Skin Care can be a Great IdeaHow to Use Sweet Almond Oil for Skin

With the availability of beauty and skincare products in the market, having a beautiful skin is easy. Peel-off mask, cleansing soap, face wash and facial cleanser, day and night creams, moisturizer, lotion – all these can be found in almost all beauty shops. However, do you really need that many to have a youthful complexion?

Consumers are aware that some skincare products in the market contain harmful substances that may harm the outer layers of the skin. Moreover, they do not work overtime. They may give you a sudden boost, but as soon as the day closes, the effects end too. If you are having some issues on your beauty recipes, it is may be time to try almonds.

Almond as Beauty Regimen

When you eat almonds, you get nourished with essential nutrients such as manganese, magnesium, phosphorous and Vitamin B2. Almond also contains Vitamins A and E, which are good for the epidermis. Because of the two vitamins’ ability to keep your complexion healthy and beautiful, many skincare products use them as active ingredients. Now, if you want to take advantage of almonds as a beauty regimen, you do not really have to eat kilos of these nuts day by day, but instead use a product extracted from the nuts – the almond oil.

Beauty Benefits of Sweet Almond Extract to the Skin

Almond oil, just like other oils, is good for dry skin; it seals in moisture and keeps you hydrated all day long. This moisturizing property makes it ideal for facial, for chapped lips and for cracked heels. Furthermore, this oil has the ability to balance your moisture levels and bring back its elasticity. Because of this, many beauty products, especially anti-aging creams for minimizing crow’s feet and dark circles, now include it in their recipes. Moreover, it also fends off ultraviolet rays that may cause burns, cancer and other skin damages brought about by prolonged exposure to the sun.

Not only that the oil can make the skin fairer and smoother, it can also make it healthier. Most importantly, it is also valued for its medicinal properties. It relieves inflammation, itching and irritation, making it a good remedy for skin problems like acne, psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis and rashes.

How to Use Sweet Almond Oil Effectively on Your Skin

You can use this amazing oil to smooth, soften or moisturize yourself in a variety of ways. Besides adding a few drops of it to your bath, apply it before a shower to avoid moisture loss or after a bath to retain moisture. You can make use of it as body oil, or rub it all over your body before bedtime and let it work overnight.

To enhance it’s efficacy, you can make blends out of it. In therapeutic massage, while almond extract can be used alone, it is often mixed with essential oils like lavender and chamomile. If you desire to prepare homemade formulations for the face out, and any of saffron, Vitamin E capsules, honey, or sugar can be added to it.

With the several benefits of sweet almond oil for skin, it is no doubt a wonderful skin care product. Using it can actually give you the same effect that you get from moisturizers, creams and lotions. It may even be better because it does not pose any harm to the skin, and it saves you money. So why go for a number of beauty and skin care products if you can have all that you need in one bottle?