Tamanu Oil Acne Treatment

Essential Oil & Herb Acne TreatmentOne of the skin disorders that majority of women face is Acne. It is a problem caused by blockage of pores that results to blackheads, whiteheads and inflamed surface of the skin. Normally acne is often found on the face however it can be prevalent in the neck and shoulder area as well.

For years, people are searching for the best treatment and prevention for Acne. Having this skin problem can affect your life; therefore effective solutions are welcomed by men and women. There are numerous treatments out there but let us focus on one which is called Tamanu oil (Calophyllum inophyllum).

What is Tamanu?

Tamanu has been used for years in Polynesia and South East Asia. It comes from Ati trees found in Tahiti and neighboring countries. The flowering tree reaches the height of 98 feet. It produces white flowers twice a year. Aside from flowers, the said tree produces apricot sized nut that contains a large pit in the middle. The produce is sun dried and it undergoes cold pressing. This is where this pure oil is extracted.

For hundreds of years, natives have been using this for health purposes. It is includes treating muscle pain, open wounds, infections, gout, ringworm, rashes, arthritis and neuralgia. According to research, Tamanu is rich in Calophyllic acid which is antibacterial agent and calophyllolide which is an anti-inflammatory agent.

There are several ways to reap the benefits of Tamanu. You can directly apply the oil as a moisturizer or use it as part of facial scrub. All you need to do is mix it with raw sugar and apply it to the skin. Gently exfoliate the solution for about 5 minutes before washing it off. Apply it again using clean fingertips after washing the face. A Few drops of Tamanu go a long way.

Applying the oil in acne scars for about two months can help fade the acne scars. It helps regenerate new tissues on the skin. It can penetrate in the three layers of the skin – epidermis, dermis and hypodermis. Every swipe of oil in the skin can deliver dose of antioxidants for hydration of the skin directly to where it is needed.

The natives who have used the oil for centuries consider it to be a sacred gift from Mother Nature because of its healing properties. Today, it is also a gift for those who are suffering from acne. If you want to know more about this amazing herb, there are lots of reviews you can read in the internet written by those who have tried it. Don’t forget to purchase only organic Tamanu which is virgin and cold pressed.

To date, a lot of doctors conducted studies related to Tamanu oil for acne treatment. They have proven that it really has anti-inflammatory properties. It can reduce inflammation and helps in promoting growth of new tissues. It is considered the best acne solution since it can minimize inflammatory effects of acne and prevent blockage of pores due to bacteria build-up.