Papaya Skin Benefits – Use in DIY Skincare

The skincare benefits of Papaya are well known - find out how to use papaya correctly in your homemade recipes.Global competitiveness in the skin care industry is at an all time high, and for the modern professional leading a fast-paced life, being constantly bombarded and tempted by all these beautifying, age-defying (sometimes invasive) products can be very exhausting. But the importance of skin care cannot be undermined. We are exposed everyday to different toxic chemicals and our skin can only take as much.

Papaya Skin Benefits – The Fruit of the Angels

Here comes the Papaya, a yellowish luscious fruit with a soft chewy center. Called by Christopher Columbus “The Fruit of the Angels” this gem has been known for its exquisite taste and health benefits ever since the Age of Exploration, where explorers in Central America sought to bring it to other tropical areas so that others might benefit from its rich vitamins. The Papaya is an example of a skin-care source that has stood the test of time. The pulp of this fruit has long been used to create shampoos, soaps and creams, due to its rich antioxidants.

Papaya in the 21st Century Skin Care

Truth be told, its nutrients could easily be duplicated to imitate healthy effects. But as the old saying goes, “You can’t beat the classics.” There are many Papaya skin benefits, and although it is prone to duplication and imitation, none can surpass the natural exquisite charm of this wonderful fruit.

So how has Papaya stood the test of time? Well, first and foremost it is very simple to use. A direct application to the skin will do wonders for exfoliation and hydration.

The Papaya is a good source of Vitamin A and Papain, which helps remove dead skin cells and gets rid of inactive proteins. Due to its low sodium, it helps keep your face hydrated. Just simply mash the Papaya and apply it to your skin for a good 10 to 20 minutes, this will help reduce unwanted blemishes on your face. This mash can also be used to treat your sore, cracked heels.

Because of its many nutrients – folate, fiber, carotene, magnesium and potassium to name a few, applying Papaya to your skin helps cure discoloration. It acts as a good natural exfoliator. With consistent consumption and skin application, dark spots and acne scars will be reduced.

Do you know that the peel of the papaya does wonders for leg whitening and skin aging? After eating the papaya, rub the peel on the problem areas and voila – instant treatment! Regular use guarantees visible results. This is because the papaya is abundant in AHA (Alfa-Hydroxy Acid), which offers anti-aging properties. Be warned though, the AHA causes the Papaya to be acidic so don’t let it stay too long in contact with your skin or else your skin will turn dry.

To enhance the effects of the pure Papaya, you can add honey or lemon to the mash. The internet is crawling with millions of these mixtures, just be careful with choosing which ones to follow, and it won’t hurt to consult friends, colleagues and of course, your dermatologist.

Don’t have the time mash a papaya skin mixture? Don’t fret! We all lead fast-paced lives to keep up with the world’s advancements, the Papaya included! That’s why those simple soaps made out of Papaya will be enough to help your skin, but be sure to complement their use with a healthy diet and a good skin care regime to guarantee proper care.

Papaya Fruit is Inexpensive and Always Available

The Papaya is regularly imported and exported around the world. It is available all year round so finding a perfect one would only be a matter of looking for the perfect grocer. One Papaya per week is enough to ensure your skin’s health so a lot of money would be saved. All it would take to maintain a Papaya skin care regime is a proper planning of which additions to mix in with the mash – it is best to ask your dermatologist about this one.

So if you’re thinking about buying all of those complicated skin care creams that promise immediate visible results, or having an invasive procedure that would involve a couple of hundreds spent per session, stop and think about The Fruit of the Angels, and how our ancestors used the Papaya to achieve healthy skin, and sustained the knowledge of its nutrients so that we might benefit from them today. The skincare benefits of Papaya are literally so many that to not use it would be ridiculous.

Consider the Papaya, and pocket that hard-earned cash for your next date, a present to your mother, or a charity. Run over to the nearest supermarket and spend a couple of minutes picking out the freshest, most plump Papaya.