Simple Homemade Body Lotion – DIY Organic

Organic Herbal Homemade Body Lotion RecipeThis amazing Herbal Organic Homemade Lotion was brought to you by The Wellness Mama

This easy multi-herbal lotion will leave your skin nourished, clean and refreshed. If you are still using various store bought lotions on yourself or on your family you are most likely wasting your hard earned money. It can look much better with a natural herbal lotion such as this mint and lavender recipe. This is a super easy and natural alternative and is really simple to make using common herbs. The magic in this lotion is made up of three basic ingredients – it only takes ten minutes to make as well!

Below is the basic recipe for this homemade herbal lotion. You can mix and match the ingredients – we gave a list of our favorites below.

Herbal Organic Homemade Body Lotion

  • Half a cup of almond/olive oil (can infuse with herbs first if desired)
  • A quarter cup of coconut oil
  • A quarter cup of beeswax
  • Optional – 1 teaspoon of Vitamin E oil
  • Optional – 2 tablespoons of Shea Butter/Cocoa Butter
  • Optional: Essential Oils, Vanilla Extract or some other natural extracts that you like.


As we mentioned before, there are endless ways to mix up your recipe. Here are me and my kids favorites!

  • Calendula & Chamomile for our baby boy
  • Rosewater and Almond Oil for my husband
  • Peppermint, Wintergreen, and Ginger for aching muscles
  • Coconut and Calendula for amazing facial skin
  • Mint and green tea for freshness
  • Lavender and vanilla for a relaxing smell

This homemade lotion has loads of health benefits. Did you know that Vitamin E oil can help prevent the appearance of wrinkles? It can also remove brown spots, cuticles and heal scars. Did you also know that the herb rosemary is rich in nutrients such as iron, calcium, vitamins and antioxidants?

The Coconut oil in this recipe can even kill viruses, bacteria and fungi. This recipe is VERY beneficial for your skin and is also great for babies diaper rashes. It can also be used for eczema and I’ve even used it for preventing my stretch marks, due to the amazing properties of the herbs involved.

This is just one of the many ways you can use herbs and organics in your products to produce amazing and soothing outcomes – ones that will leave you silky and feeling refreshed for days to come. Of course this is assuming you get to use it on yourself and all your friends don’t borrow, buy or steal it because it’s so good 😉

While using these herbs in skin care should be fine for the average person, the truth is as with every product if you have any kind of medical condition the best thing to do first is to see a doctor. No part of this article is intended to replace qualified medical advice. Should you have any questions about whether or not this is for you, again seeing a doctor about that or a qualified medical professional before you use this product is definitely the right thing to do.

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