Aloe Vera Skin Benefits – 5 Amazing

Are there any real aloe vera skin benefits? Are they real? Or over-hyped? Read more to find out. Dubbed by the Egyptians as the ‘plant of immortality’, the Aloe vera is undeniably one of the most useful plants. The gel in this plant’s long, succulent leaves serves as the key […]

Skin Benefits of Aloe Vera

Witch Hazel Skincare Benefits and Usage

Benefits of Witch Hazel for Skin Care

Imagine one day you’re going to the pharmacy to run some errands. You glance at the skin care aisle and look at one of the tiny mirrors they have—you’re in desperate need of a new beauty product. You browse through the aisles and take a look at the ingredients, looking […]

Papaya Skin Benefits – Use in DIY Skincare

Global competitiveness in the skin care industry is at an all time high, and for the modern professional leading a fast-paced life, being constantly bombarded and tempted by all these beautifying, age-defying (sometimes invasive) products can be very exhausting. But the importance of skin care cannot be undermined. We are […]

Use Papaya in your homemade skincare to reap the health benefits

Rosemary Herbs can be highly beneficial for skincare

Rosemary Herb Benefits – Uses for Skin Care

Rosemary Herbs Benefits for Skin Care You look in the mirror one night and see the worst: saggy skin, acne and wrinkles. You give a sigh of defeat as you try to remember the last time you actually upheld a skin care regimen. You look at your cupboard and see […]

Whipped Body Butter Recipe – DIY at Home

Christmas spirit is starting to fill the air even though it is still October. Yuletide songs and decorations are everywhere even decorated trees are already standing tall. But Christmas wouldn’t be complete without gifts. Though it is not a requirement in order to really feel the essence of Christmas, many […]

Whipped body butter - this is basically very smooth creamy handmade lotion

Coconut Rosemary Soap - inexpensive and healthy for your hands.

Simply DIY Coconut Oil Soap with Rosemary

Here’ a simple DIY coconut soap recipe. It included some pretty nice ingredients such as (obviously) coconut oil and rosemary – and is pretty inexpensive to make! Humans have been creating soap for over 2000 years – we didn’t even know it killed bacteria until the 19th century or even knew that […]

Simple Homemade Body Lotion – DIY Organic

This amazing Herbal Organic Homemade Lotion was brought to you by The Wellness Mama This easy multi-herbal lotion will leave your skin nourished, clean and refreshed. If you are still using various store bought lotions on yourself or on your family you are most likely wasting your hard earned money. […]

Organic Herbal Lotion Recipe

DIY Lavender Milk Bath Instructions and Finished Pictures

DIY Coconut Milk Bath with Herbal Lavender

Using coconut in your milk bath is a cheap and easy way to help yourself relax while keeping your skin healthy. This simple herbal recipe is made up of all-natural ingredients which are great for anyone who has sensitive skin or is addicted to skin care! This recipe contains two […]

Himalayan Salt Benefits – True Health Bonus or Marketing Hype?

Are Himalayan salt benefits real? Do they indeed possess neutralizing and balancing effect. Provide protection against diseases such as high blood pressure and deposits in your joints? Sharpens mental brain functions and provides thought clarity. Have healing effects far beyond that of ordinary bath salts? Detoxify the body from heavy […]

Are Himalayan Bath Salts Benefits Real or Simply Hype?