Neem Oil for Skin – The Amazing Benefits

Neem Oil for Skin - using neem in your skincare products is easyConsidered by Indians as the ‘tree with a promise’, neem tree is regarded with much significance and importance not only in India but in most areas in Asia. This high regarded for this tree could be attributed to its exceptional medicinal properties. It’s ability to cure different illnesses has contributed to its increasing popularity all over the world. What makes neem even more highly appreciated is the fact that each of its part – from the bark to the roots – contains anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-parasitic properties. Thus, no part of this tree could ever be put to waste.

Here’s a rundown of the wonders that this tree could offer.

Neem oil can be an effective skin moisturizer. The leaves of a this tree can be used in retaining the moisture of the skin. With its antioxidant properties, it can be your shield against free radicals that make your skin look older.

This herb can treat skin infections and other skin problems. For those who have wrinkle problems, you don’t need to worry. You will certainly appreciate the benefits of neem. You can take advantage of the a leaf decoction and apply it on the wrinkles in your face. This herb is also often used in treating wounds and skin infections. Ground leaves from it mixed with water can do wonders in treating your acne and in lightening your skin.

It can also be natural alternative to the popular over-the-counter fungal creams. It could effectively treat nail fungus, ringworm, athletes’ foot and other fungal infections. The leaves of the neem tree are rich in gedunin and nimbidol, considered to be strong anti-fungal agents.

It helps in skin toning. For those who have been using chemical or commercial toners, the leaves can be a more effective alternative. Boil a handful of leaves in water. Use the extract as your toner. Dip a cotton ball in the neem extract and apply it on your face. This toner could be your best remedy in clearing acne, scars, pigmentation and black heads.

Neem water can be a post-chicken pox treatment. Patients afflicted with chicken pox are advised to take a bath with neem water. Neem water has been noted for its ability to soothe the patients’ skin. It also helps prevent further spreading of this skin infection.

It is an effective anti-aging agent. Loaded with nutrients such as carotenoids that can help you fight off the natural aging process, neem oil for skin will help you look several years younger. You might even be mistaken as your daughter’s sister. It has also been noted for its ability to rejuvenate skin cells and restore its elasticity. You will also be saying goodbye to greasy skin because it also contains high amount of essential fatty acids and vitamin E.

It is certainly good news that the advocacy for natural and herbal treatments has grown stronger for the past few years. We often flock to the drugstores for remedies to our skin problems, without realizing that the treatment agents we need are just within our very own backyard.

As with any herbal remedy, it’s important you consult with a doctor. Self diagnoses and treatment is not the best way to necessarily do things – there are a lot of herbs that can interact with other medications or conditions you might have. We have listed some of the historical uses of this herb, but we don’t view this to be enough for you to treat yourself. Talk to your doctor!