Calendula Essential Oil for Healthier Skin

Calendula Essential Oil for Skin CareThe petals of Calendula (Pot Marigold) in the old days are used to flavor soups and stews, color cheese and butter, and it is also sprinkled on salads for Vitamin C. Calendula garlands were once hung outside houses to drive away evil spirits. Several centuries later, the plant’s healing properties were explored and have undergone extensive research over the years to maximize its value in the field of medicine.

From the deep orange flowers that were once associated to the Virgin Mary becomes a miraculous extract – the Calendula essential oil. Apart from being a fundamental component in massage therapy, this extract is known for its numerous benefits, especially in dermatology.

The Calendula Essential Oil

Calendula oil is extracted from the flower tops of marigold. Through heating, flowers are infused in a tincture to rupture the plant’s cell membranes. After it absorbs the healing elements of the plant, the extract is decanted and set aside. This oil can now be used for therapeutic massage, salves, and tinctures or as an ingredient to skin care formulas. The Calendula essential oil in markets is made available in pure form through advanced distillation processes.

The Calendula extract can be prepared at home too. First, place dried marigold flowers in a jar. Then, pour olive oil and stir. Tightly cover the jar and leave it in a warm area of the house. Four to six weeks after, strain the botanical component out, bottle the infused oil and store for future use.

Dermatological Benefits of the Calendula Oil

With the oil’s anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antimicrobial and antifungal properties, it undoubtedly works wonders in almost all sorts of skin infections and irritations from insect bites, bruises, rashes, burns, cuts and wounds to acne, eczema, dermatitis, and psoriasis. Calendula can ease redness and pain and slow down the spread of these skin problems. Additionally, it promotes collagen production at wound sites to prevent scarring.

In a study conducted in India which looked at the healing effects of the Calendula extract, researchers saw a remarkable healing speed within a given period, indicating the oil’s potency in healing wounds. In support, health organizations in the United States reported that Calendula oil eases pain, heals burns and helps cure wounds faster.

Furthermore, a drop of this extract can reveal its calming powers when used in baths, compresses or steams to comfort varicose and spider veins. As a skin conditioner, this essential oil is gentle enough even to babies, children or the most sensitive skins.

Calendula Oil as an Antioxidant

Not only is this herbal extract is a healing agent, but is also valued for softening and soothing effects. Calendula was found out to have the ability to refresh and regenerate the skin. Because of its antioxidant properties, the extract is now used as an additive for lotions, creams, ointments, lip balms and some other recipes. These skin care products help in reducing free radicals and protect the skin cells from further damage, thereby delaying the aging process.

In quest of health and beauty, people will always try to find ways to look good and feel good. With so many products and services available, oils have endured the competition and remain indispensable, especially now that they have proven themselves as excellent therapeutic remedies and at the same time, have established a place in the skin care industry. What is good about the market is the wide variety that it offers to the public. The difficult part is which to pick among the many.

If you are looking for base oil for massage and remedy for skin disorder in one bottle, put a stop on your search. This essential oil may not be the absolute answer, but it is worth trying.