Benefits of Witch Hazel for Skin Care

Learn the benefits of witch hazel in your skincare products as well as it's usageImagine one day you’re going to the pharmacy to run some errands. You glance at the skin care aisle and look at one of the tiny mirrors they have—you’re in desperate need of a new beauty product. You browse through the aisles and take a look at the ingredients, looking for something special. And you notice some of these products have Witch Hazel in the ingredients list. What are some of the benefits of this herb, and how is it used?

Read on and let’s learn why it is beneficial for our skin.

What is Witch Hazel? What are some of the reasons you would use it for Skin Care?

Simply put, it is a flowering plant with species growing in North America, Japan and China. Occasionally called winter bloom in North America, this plant produces an astringent that comes from its barks and leaves which is widely used for medicinal purposes.

The use of this astringent dates back to the pre-colonial Native Americans. They produced the extract to treat swellings, tumors and inflammations. The Puritans in New England adopted this and thus this herbal astringent became even more popular.

Why is this herb so important? What other benefits of this amazing herb are there?

One of the benefits of Witch Hazel is it is a powerful antioxidant, making it ideal for acne treatment. Because it is an astringent, it is also useful for treating cuts and scrapes. The beauty industry has found many uses for it, and it is now incorporated into almost every toner, skin cleanser and creams.

If you’re growing these fragrant flowers in your garden, then you should be using it in your skin care regimens since there are plenty of ways to use it without spending too much and leaving the comfort of your own home.

Uses and Benefits

  1. Witch Hazel can be applied directly to the skin to relieve itching, pain and swelling. Minor burns, skin irritations and bug bites can also be healed with it.
  1. Just shaved? Did you know that this amazing herb has anti-inflammatory properties that prevent itchy bumps from forming around your irritated hair follicles? Well, now you do!
  1. During a fun day at the beach, it’s normal to not notice that your skin got sunburned. But with Witch Hazel by your side, use it to treat and soothe that harsh sunburn! Take note that this will not heal the sunburn completely, but it works to lessen the healing time and it prevents skin flaking and peeling.
  1. After your shower, you can apply it directly to your skin to lock the moisture in. The same goes for your nightly ritual. Just use it like you would normally use a toner and you’re guaranteed a moisturized face!
  1. It is also is very effective in fighting acne and blemishes. It is a mild gentle astringent that is suitable for sensitive acne prone skin. If you want stronger herbal toner, look for Salicylic Acid in the ingredients list.
  1. You’ve just woke up after a night of extreme partying? Reduce your puffy eyes with it. Just soak up a few cotton balls with a cold herbal astringent and apply it over your closed eyes for five minutes. Rest assured, your eyes will feel less puffy because of its skin tightening properties.
  1. One interesting properties of this herb is its amazing work on Varicose Veins. Simply soak some washcloths in Witch Hazel, prop your legs out and lay the washcloths on your legs. This plant remedy helps to tighten veins, relieving discomfort. Take note that this effect is temporary and medical help should be sought for more permanent treatments.


Just a Few Reminders

Before you head out to hunt for this herbl, these reminders are important and must be remembered. 

Like many natural, organic and homemade remedies and skin care treatments, proper caution should be taken. Witch Hazel is no substitution to treatments given by your doctor. Let your dermatologist know that you’re using it so that proper application and treatment can be given. If you’re experiencing any irritation, swelling, and discomfort, it is advised that you stop using it immediately and consult with your dermatologist. Along side the benefits there are obviously some hazards, as with any herb.

So what are you waiting for?

Of course not all of us have the time to be a skin care Betty Crocker and make our own remedies at home. Over the counter cleansers with this unique herb are absolutely fine, so take your pick, and enjoy your new beautiful skin!