Bath Salts with Shea Butter – The 7 Surprising Therapeutic Benefits

Bath Salts with Shea ButterWith most people today leading hectic and stressful lives, a long, hot soak at the end of a busy day can be therapeutic and rejuvenating. While most people reach for a bottle of bubbles, bath salts with shea butter may provide you with an even better experience. Here’s why:

Restores Skin Elasticity

This amazing ingredient can help improve your skin’s elasticity. Between UV rays and the damaging effects of pollutants and toxins, taking steps to improve your skin’s elasticity will help minimize the aging effects of these contaminants. As an added bonus, the shea butter in your bath salts will also act as a natural protector from the sun’s damaging rays, although you should still ensure that you wear sunscreen on a daily basis.

Effective Against Skin Ailments

Having long been used to treat skin conditions, such as psoriasis and eczema, Its moisturizing properties are second to none. Because bathing can sometimes leave skin feeling dry and flaky, the added moisture from the shea butter in your bath salts will keep your skin smooth and hydrated long after you step out of the tub.

Moisturizes Skin

The moisturizing properties of shea butter are ideal for those with dry, cracking skin. It’s particularly useful on extra dry spots, such as heels, knees and elbows. Arid and frigid winter temperatures can wreak havoc on your skin. These soaking salts, when used with this amazing plant extract can prevent your skin from drying out and allow you to enjoy smooth, supple skin all year long.

Improve Circulation

Believe it or not, adding bath salts to your bath can actually help improve your circulation. With improved circulation, more oxygen is able to reach your muscles and organs. This helps you feel more relaxed and also helps to keep your body healthy.

Ease Muscle Tension and Pain

The warmth of the bath water combined with the therapeutic properties of the salts can help ease muscle tension, relieve pain and aid in relaxation. Those who are suffering with arthritis, athletic injuries or aching muscles will find this kind of soak particularly beneficial. Some are also scented with essential oils to provide the added benefit of aromatherapy. These scents encourage relaxation and are the perfect way to unwind before bed.

Eliminates Toxins

Between the harmful chemicals in our food and personal care products and the pollution outdoors, our bodies are bombarded with toxins on a daily basis. Detoxification can be taxing on the liver, but your skin is one of the best and most efficient ways to eliminate toxins from the body. Salts in your bathtub help to exfoliate the skin by opening up the pores. This makes it easier to cleanse away sweat, dirt and other toxins.

Gentle Exfoliation

The coarse texture these soaking salts provides a gentle exfoliation that helps keep the skin looking and feeling its best. Exfoliation removes dead skin cells and build-up to reveal fresh, glowing skin. As a result, blemishes and breakouts become a thing of the past. Exfoliating also helps keep the skin moisturized and prevents unsightly flaking.