Tamanu Oil Acne Treatment

One of the skin disorders that majority of women face is Acne. It is a problem caused by blockage of pores that results to blackheads, whiteheads and inflamed surface of the skin. Normally acne is often found on the face however it can be prevalent in the neck and shoulder […]

Essential Oil & Herb Acne Treatment

Calendula Essential Oil for Skin Care

Calendula Essential Oil for Healthier Skin

The petals of Calendula (Pot Marigold) in the old days are used to flavor soups and stews, color cheese and butter, and it is also sprinkled on salads for Vitamin C. Calendula garlands were once hung outside houses to drive away evil spirits. Several centuries later, the plant’s healing properties […]

Neem Oil for Skin – The Amazing Benefits

Considered by Indians as the ‘tree with a promise’, neem tree is regarded with much significance and importance not only in India but in most areas in Asia. This high regarded for this tree could be attributed to its exceptional medicinal properties. It’s ability to cure different illnesses has contributed […]

Neem Oil for Skin - using neem in your skincare products is easy

Lavender Essential Oil Benefits – Aroma 101

The calming and soothing effects and lavender essential oil benefits in aromatherapy cannot be emphasized too heavily. They can revive you in some ways you would never have thought possible. There are hundreds of benefits that you can get from the use of this plant extract in aromatherapy and here […]

Tea Tree Oil for Acne – Essential Oil

Not many passed through their younger years without suffering from acne. Having acne may be quite an experience, but getting scars and blemishes is a different story. If you think applying oil for acne treatment will only worsen your problem, think again. Acne and its Causes During your teens, androgen […]

Using Tea Tree Essential Oil for Acne Problems

Bath Salts with Shea Butter

Bath Salts with Shea Butter – The 7 Surprising Therapeutic Benefits

With most people today leading hectic and stressful lives, a long, hot soak at the end of a busy day can be therapeutic and rejuvenating. While most people reach for a bottle of bubbles, bath salts with shea butter may provide you with an even better experience. Here’s why: Restores […]

Using Aromatherapy Cellulite Treatment

How to Get Rid of Cellulite Using Aromatherapy After giving birth to your first child, maybe you can’t remember the last time you incidentally or accidentally expose your tummy. You don’t work out, but you got bulges in your triceps area. Since then, you avoid wearing sleeveless tops. Well, you […]

Using Aromatherapy for Cellulite Removal

Natural Suncreen or Sunblock Recipe

Natural Sunscreen Recipe – Herbal Block

100% Natural Sunblock Recipe Are you always exposing your skin out in the sun? Wearing a hat or sunglasses is not enough if you are going out for a walk on a hot sunny day. You’ll need to use a sunblock to protect your skin from premature skin aging such […]

Sweet Almond Oil for Skin – Lightening & Benefits

How to Use Sweet Almond Oil for Skin With the availability of beauty and skincare products in the market, having a beautiful skin is easy. Peel-off mask, cleansing soap, face wash and facial cleanser, day and night creams, moisturizer, lotion – all these can be found in almost all beauty […]

Using Almond Oil for Skin Care can be a Great Idea

Ginseng Skin Care Benefits - how to use it and when

Ginseng Skin Benefits – Skincare Use

Have you heard about the latest hype in skin care? For those who consider themselves as beauty junkies, you must have tried everything from tomato, cucumber, ginger to various elements found in nature. The beauty scene is range with new stuff and one of them is Ginseng. The truth is […]